COVID- Winterizing, Storing, Boathouse Servicing, Logistics

Winterizing Drop Off/ Pick- Up, and Storage Drop Off

  • We encourage you to use the contactless drop of systems.  QR codes are posted by the main store door and on compound gates
  • Once notified of completion please allow 48 hours before picking up
  • Drain plugs will be out and in the boat
  • Unit will be tied down to the trailer, but visually check this when picking up as you as the driver are ultimately responsible while towing it down the road
  • We ask that you please call into accounts receivable with payment and we will give you contactless pick up instructions


Boathouse Servicing

  • A sign will be put on the entrance way to your dock/ boathouse system indicating we are there
  • Please don’t approach staff
  • We will leave notice indicating when we were there and recommend you do not touch any of the units that we have serviced for a period of 48 hours
  • We will sanitize door handles, openers and any other points we need to touch to complete the requested work



  • We will wear gloves and sanitize areas we need to touch to load and transport your boat if we are picking the boat up without you being present.   Please note that we will practice a 2-day grace period, between you leaving your boat for pick up and us picking it up


  • If you are present when we pick up your boat, we ask that you keep 6 feet from the driver and load your boat on to the trailer.  We then ask that you dismount from your boat and leave the driver to take care of the rest of the loading and securing process.  The driver will secure the load after you leave and sanitize any shared contact points