A man fixing a fence next to his ATV

ATV Maintenance Tools

May 06, 2020

Just like any other motorized vehicle, your ATV needs to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis to keep it in great working order. You should be checking your ATV after every ride for obvious damage and getting its oil changed according to manufacturer specifications. There are several other routine services you should perform on your ATV that you can do at home, provided you have the correct tools and knowledge.

At Gordon Bay Yamaha, we know a thing or two about ATV maintenance, so we’ve created a list of the essential tools you’ll want to keep in your garage to tune up your ATV. If you have any major maintenance concerns or need parts ordered, call our Lake Joseph, Ontario, location to schedule a service appointment with our qualified mechanics.

Tire Pressure Gauge

If you own a car, you probably already have a tire pressure gauge. Buying a second one to keep in your ATV tool kit isn’t a bad idea, since it’ll come in handy for ensuring your tires are evenly pressured before a hard ride takes its toll. Checking the tire pressure is a simple process and since your tires support your whole vehicle, you want them to be in good shape. Look for uneven wear, one tire that’s consistently lower than the others, bald spots and embedded objects when you’re checking the pressure so you can catch problems early and get them addressed.

Torque Wrench

A torque wrench gives you a way to apply precise amounts of pressure to certain parts of your ATV and it will be of use to you as you learn more about your ATV’s inner workings. Some of the parts on your ATV are under high levels of force, so having the extra leverage and power to loosen them and then tighten them back to those pressures is important.


This small device is useful both around the house and on your ATV, allowing you to check certain functions of the electrical system to see that nothing is malfunctioning. The multimeter looks at voltage, resistance and amperage, letting you know where problems may be hampering your ATV’s performance.


A good set of sockets is vital when working on an all-terrain vehicle, since nuts and bolts need to be removed carefully without damaging paint or finishes. Get a few sizes of ratchets to go with your socket set and you’ll be able to breeze through your maintenance in no time.

Wrench Sets

Your ATV likely has parts measured using the metric system, so having a good set of metric wrenches in addition to a standard or imperial set is important if you want to perform repairs. Sometimes you can save money by purchasing these two sets together. If you’re especially lucky and you come from a long line of mechanics, perhaps a good-quality set of wrenches has already been passed down to you. Use it on your ATV!


Screwdrivers are useful in many applications, so you should already have some kicking around the house. Ones with a comfortable grip and high-quality construction will strain your hands less and make your work easier. Obtain a full set that includes both flat and Phillips head styles.

Air Compressor

To inflate your tires yourself, you’ll want to have an air compressor on hand that will save you a trip to the gas station or repair shop. These machines can be expensive, but you can use them to inflate your car, bike or other vehicle tires, too. You can also use them around the house for inflating pool toys or air mattresses. Their usefulness makes up for their cost.

Wooden Or Urethane Mallet

While it might seem counterintuitive to hit your ATV with a mallet, there are times when it’s perfectly acceptable to do so. A wooden or urethane mallet is softer than a metal one, allowing you to apply force without doing any damage to your finishes or paint.

Breaker Bar

Breaker bars are simply wrenches with long, heavy-duty handles that allow you to apply a lot of leverage for stuck-on fasteners. Having one will come in handy when you’re maintaining your ATV

If your current ATV needs some professional love and care, bring it into our repair shop and we’ll get you fixed up in no time. While you’re here, you can look into upgrading or adding to your fleet as you browse our wide selection of new and used ATVs. Gordon Bay Yamaha serves the greater Toronto metro area, including the city of Muskoka, with our Lake Joseph location.