a man driving an ATV in Muskoka near Toronto Ontario

ATV/UTV Camping

May 06, 2020

Camping makes for a great weekend. Adventuring in your powersports vehicle makes for a great weekend. Why not combine them?!? Spend all day tearing up the off-road trails, curl up in your tent at night, and repeat the next day. For tips on making your trip successful, read on! If you need any maintenance on your ATV or UTV before your vacation, visit Gordon Bay Yamaha. We proudly serve those in Lake Joseph and Toronto, Ontario.

Planning Your Trip

Just like any other camping trip, traveling with your side by side or ATV takes some planning. Begin by making your list of destinations. Find courses you'll want to conquer. Pick tourist attractions to experience. See if there are any renowned restaurants you need to eat at. Once you build your trip bucket list, look for campsites in a convenient location nearby. Try to book as soon as possible. The good campsites (ie the ones you want to go to) will get booked quickly. Plus, making it in advance can often save you money.

One important aspect to keep in mind while planning your trip is the weather. Your ATV or UTV isn't designed to handle extreme weather, such as storm rains or hail. Plus, bad weather makes your ride less fun. Before you book your dates, look up the forecast. Pick new dates if the weather is expected to be poor.

Preparing Your ATV/UTV

When you build a trip around your powersports vehicle, you'll want to make sure your vehicle is ready to go! Mechanical issues can derail a trip fast and can often be caught before you hit the road. Just conduct a pre-ride inspection. 

Here you are looking for anything that could become an issue on the road. Do you have enough fluids? Top off anything that's low. Do your tires have the right air pressure and tread levels? Are your lights bright and visible? Take your ATV or UTV out for a test ride. Is everything running as normal with your braking, accelerating, and so on? If anything feels or sounds odd, bring your side by side into a dealership. Gordon Bay Yamaha offers parts replacement and service options that can get your vehicle camping ready in no time.

The Campsite

What are the non-negotiable features of your dream campsite? Some people can't fathom camping without electricity or running water, for example. Think about what you'll need for a successful ATV or UTV camping trip and find a site that delivers.

Once you get to the campgrounds, you'll want to spend some time picking the perfect site. A flat spot, for example, will facilitate a better night's sleep. Your location plays a role too. Go too far in the outskirts and you risk animal encounters. Too close to all the action and you could get woken up by all the activity. Aim for an in-between spot. Once you set up, you are ready to blaze those trails on your ATV or side by side!

For all your ATV and UTV needs, visit Gordon Bay Yamaha. Check out our range of new and used side by side and ATV models. It's easy to find the ideal model for your budget, riding lifestyle, and riding level. If your ATV or UTV isn't running like it used to, bring it on in. We can replace broken parts (or upgrade your parts to boost your performance). Our service department can get your vehicle running like new in no time. Whatever you need, you'll find it with us. We proudly serve those in Lake Joseph, Toronto, Muskoka Lakes, and Mississauga, Ontario.