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Best Boating Spots in Ontario

May 05, 2020

As Canada’s most-populous and second-largest province, Ontario is a renowned tourist destination as well as an epicenter for boaters of all stripes. From the Hudson Bay in the north to the Great Lakes that make up all of the province’s southern border, there is plenty of boating fun to be had here. In fact, Ontario has over 400,000 rivers, lakes and streams within its bounds. So whether you enjoy leisurely cruises, fishing, watersports or simply exploring the marine world, there’s definitely a waterway for you in Ontario.

Gordon Bay Marine, located in MacTier, is your Ontario boat dealership. Here are some of our top boating spots in the province so that you can make some plans for your spring and summer boating adventures.

Niagara Region

Between the southern shores of Lake Ontario and the north shore of Lake Erie is where you’ll find the Niagara region, which is most famous for the acclaimed Niagara Falls, one of the world’s most beloved tourist attractions. Both fishing and sport boating are popular diversions in this complex river system, and you’ll find plenty of beaches to explore as well. When fishing, you can expect to catch brown and lake trout, salmon and steelhead among other types of fish.

Greater Toronto

On the western end of Lake Ontario is the province’s capital and the country’s largest city, Toronto. The Harbourfront Centre provides both sailing and powerboat options, and you can even head over to the Toronto Islands to moor your boat and do some exploring. Even canoeing and paddleboating are popular marine activities within the outer reaches of the metropolis.

Parry Sound

Head north of Toronto and you’ll find the majestic Canadian wilderness surrounding Georgian Bay, which is on Lake Huron. Within this bay is where Parry Sound is located. The area is renowned for its boating potential, and there are a number of surrounding towns to explore, including Parry Sound (the town) and Muskoka. Beginner and expert fishers alike will find photogenic catches of all types in this fishing paradise. 

North Channel

Connecting Georgian Bay to the east and Lake Huron proper to the south is the North Channel, a long, narrow body of water that also adjoins St. Mary’s River. This 160 nautical mile channel is approximately 20 miles across at its widest point, and it’s sheltered by the largest freshwater island in the whole world, Manitoulin Island. You can choose to boat the whole length in one trip or simply take an afternoon to explore a portion of these shimmering waters. At night, you may be able to see the Milky Way galaxy and Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights, thanks to how isolated this region is. Fishing is plentiful in the North Channel, and swimming is possible along the many beaches. Dozens of towns and villages dot the coastline, and many people opt to start their boat journeys at the town of Killarney.

Sunset Country

One of the ultimate fishing destinations in the whole province—and, indeed, the world—is Sunset Country, which features miles of untamed wilderness and over 70,000 beautiful, clear lakes. Catches include brook trout, whitefish, sauger, perch, muskie, small- and large-mouth bass and black crappie. You can locate a fishing lodge or resort to stay in while you’re not on the water, or even find a fishing guide to assist you. 

Some of the places you may wish to check out within the bounds of Sunset Country include Sioux Lookout on Pelican Lake or Red Lake on the edge of Woodland Caribou Park. The natural beauty of the area isn’t to be overlooked, either: if you wish, you can simply take your boat out to the middle of one of the many lakes and watch the sun set in perfect tranquility.

Hopefully, you’ve found somewhere worthy of a visit off of our list. Still in search of the perfect boat for your marine adventuring? Visit our dealership in MacTier today to take a look at our full selection of new and used boats for sale. Gordon Bay Marine proudly serves greater Toronto, as well as the city of Muskoka, Ontario.