Fishing Boat in Muskoka near Toronto Ontario

Picking the Right Fishing Boat

May 05, 2020

No one likes being confined to the shore on a fishing trip. Your line can only extend so far. There’s only so many fish that lurk around by the water bank. You are limited to walking up and down the shore, which can make the waiting game even more monotonous. It’s no surprise many fishing enthusiasts take the plunge and invest in a fishing boat.

A fishing boat drastically improves your fishing experience. Enjoy restful hours on the water. Change up your position easily. Access new parts of the water, which improves the types and amounts of fish you can catch. Before you buy a fishing boat, there are a few considerations you’ll need to make. We made a beginner’s guide to finding the right fishing boat below. When you are ready to check out boat models, visit Gordon Bay Marine. You’ll find us in Lake Joseph, Ontario.

Freshwater vs Saltwater Fishing

The type of fishing boat you’ll want depends on the type of fishing you do. Maybe freshwater fishing is your style. You seek out fish found in shallow waters close to the bank, like catfish or bass. The issue is large objects like rocks or logs are often found in the same areas. It’s nearly impossible to avoid hitting these, so you will need a sturdy boat that can take a few hits. Aluminum boats are lightweight enough to navigate shallow waters with ease while being hardy enough to withstand some scrapes. If you seek out skittish fish like salmon or steelhead, you’ll want to prioritize getting a quiet motor. Otherwise, a long tail or surface drive motor should work fine.

Maybe you gravitate towards saltwater fishing. The open waters of the ocean beckon for you to conquer them. This style of fishing inevitably encounters rough waters. You’ll want the top of the line aluminum boats that can handle nature’s beatings. It’s essential if you seek fish that lurk in the depths of the water as the farther out you go the rougher the water becomes.

It’s also good to consider whether you want to use this boat for anything besides fishing. Do you want to cruise around the bay taking in the views? Do you hope to tow your kids behind in an inner tube? There are multi-purpose boats, like pontoon boats, that give you versatility.

Your Crew Size

The expected size of your crew will also play a large role in the type of fishing boat you need. If solo ventures onto the water are your style, you can cut costs by purchasing a smaller boat. A center console boat is a great option. It fits at most two people. Due to its small size, it’s cheaper, travels faster, and handles easier.

If you hope to embark on fishing excursions with friends, you’ll want a bigger boat. The most affordable option is to opt for a medium size boat, but you’ll get the best cabin space with a larger boat.

When you opt for a bigger boat, you can enjoy luxuries beyond more space. Many large boats come with a toilet, kitchen, and bedroom. Pass away those long hours waiting for a bite in utmost comfort.

The Budget

For most people, the cost of the boat ends up playing a large role. But there’s more to a boat’s cost than its initial price. There are operational costs like fuel, maintenance, insurance, parts, gear, storage, and slip rental. When you plan your budget, account for all these financial factors. You don’t want to max out your budget on just the sticker price of the boat. Think long term about how much you can invest.

Ready to check out some fishing boats? Here at Gordon Bay Marine, we provide a wide range of new and used fishing boats to check out. We proudly serve those in Lake Joseph, Toronto, and Muskoka Lakes, Ontario.