harris 230 solstice pontoon boat that is being enjoyed by Muskoka vacationers at Gordon Bay Marine.

Pontoon Boat Accessories

May 05, 2020

Pontoon boats are great for relaxing out on the calm water with friends and family. You can fish, swim, sunbathe, listen to music or just sit and have a great conversation in a peaceful setting. Pontoon boats lend themselves particularly well to entertaining with their stability and spaciousness, and you can increase your comfort with some accessories. Grills, rod holders, attractive lighting, protective bumpers and other items can be easily added to your pontoon boat to make your recreational time more comfortable and productive. Your local pontoon boat dealership, Gordon Bay Marine in Lake Joseph, Ontario, has provided you with this list of potential pontoon boat accessories to help you trick out your pontoon for the ultimate relaxation experience!


When you’re docking your pontoon, you can sometimes damage the corners and sides of your pontoon owing to its shape and large size. You can save yourself hundreds on repairs by installing bumpers on the corners of your pontoon boat. They’re affordable and easy to install, and if you’ve ever had issues with docking your boat safely and without incident, then you’ll surely benefit from having bumpers to protect your deck.


Adding some lighting to your pontoon is pretty easy to do if you find the lights on it aren’t sufficient for your purposes. There are plenty of options and they can be both affordable and long-lasting to make for less maintenance. If your pontoon needs emergency lights, you can find some bright light bars to help you see better in dim conditions. Or if you just want to make your pontoon look fancy for a party, then you can add string lights or color-changing LEDs that won’t run down your battery because they use less power.

Fence-Mounted Grill

For cooking on the water, your easiest solution is to put a grill on your boat. A fence-mounted grill is an easy and secure solution to allow you to prepare hot dogs, hamburgers, kebabs, corn on the cob and whatever else you can think of that will fit on a grill. Since fence-mounted grills fit onto the 2” standard fencing around the edges of your pontoon, then they can be both easily installed and quickly removed as necessary, so you can set up your grill whenever you like and remove it at the end of the season before you winterize your pontoon.

Rod Holders

If you’re an angler, you probably know how important it is to be able to keep your line in the water as much as possible. Maybe you didn’t intend to do much fishing on your pontoon boat when you started, but now you find you want to do more fishing. Rod holders are a quick fix to help you keep your line in the water when you need to step away from the edge of the boat, or when you want to keep multiple lines in the water at once. The fencing around your pontoon easily supports rod holders and they’re quickly installed so you can instantly improve your fishing game.

Bungee Dock Lines

Finally, bungee dock lines are great when you want to tie your boat off at the marina, but you’re not adept at sailor’s knots. Most of us aren’t capable of the complicated knots necessary for using ropes, so getting bungee dock lines is an easy way to secure your boat without putting undue stress on its cleats.

Customizing your pontoon boat is a snap with these quick and affordable modifications. If you’re curious to see some great pontoon boats for sale, come down to our showroom to view our inventory! Gordon Bay Marine serves the greater Toronto area and the city of Muskoka with our location in Lake Joseph, Ontario.