a family enjoys their new outboard at gordon bay marine

Upgrade Your Boat & Repower with Gordon Bay Marine!

If your hull is in better shape than your motor, a repower is perfect for you!

We get it, sometimes you just love the boat! Either the sentimental memories, the layout or the colors are just too perfect the boat seems irreplaceable, but it is not what it used to be. A simple repower from Gordon Bay Marine will give your boat a new life so you can keep on making those memories, with confidence and excitement! 

Extend the life of your boat by changing out tired engines to make your vessel run and feel like new. It’s time to change out that noisy 2 Stroke for the quiet hum of a 4 stroke, so gentle it may even put your kids to sleep. 

Feel more confident out on the water and get better fuel economy so you don’t have to dust off the wallet so often. Plus, there are great financing options for Outboard Motors!

Contact Gordon Bay today to learn more about what outboard motor would suit you and your boat best.