family driving a zodiac inflatable boat

Zodiac at Gordon Bay Marine


Hailing from France, Zodiac is the world’s leading Rigid-Hull Inflatable boat (RIB) brand now available in Muskoka at Gordon Bay Marine.  Used everywhere these multi purpose boats have become renowned for their rugged ability to go anywhere while being easy to use, store, and transport.  They have led the way for their unique class of inflatable boats and now they can call the waters of Lake Rosseau, Lake Joe, Lake Muskoka, and Georgian Bay home.

Zodiac N-ZO


N-ZO 680

Brilliant gem of the seas, N-ZO perfectly combines the expertise of the world leader in inflatable boat-building.



The N–ZO is the perfect synthesis between the knowledge of RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boat) and Stunning  Italian design by Vittorio Garroni



Given the tall height of the sidewalls, thanks to the size of the tubes and the specific structure of the hull the N-ZO gives the cockpit a roomy and stable space for its passengers.



The N–ZO is a pleasure to drive. Much attention has been paid to ensuring passengers are comfortable and it is easy to navigate and moor whether you are cutting chop on Georgian Bay or parking it in your boathouse on lake Joe

Zodiac Medline 6.8


Ideal for long outings, the Medline is like your own private beach thanks to its seating arrangement that can be converted into a sunbathing area. With sizes ranging from 5-9 meters, there is a Medline for wherever you are in Ontario.



Including 5 boats in the Medline range it has been redesigned from the bottom up to ensure its ease of use. The size and weight of each model have been optimized to get an excellent weight-to-power ratio.


The Medline is a true private beach thanks to its open spaces and Sun deck. Created for day trips, the Medline is a new design for Zodiac boats.  Relaxation oriented, their design allows you to convert the deck into a sun lounge., 



The layout allows for excellent mobility. Moving around is easy as the sun decks are spacious and safe located in both the front and rear. This makes the Medline a Muskokan dream for tanning, having lunch or swimming.




Zodiac Pro 5.5


This is Zodiac’s multi purpose boat with freedom to customize its deck layout with seats, bolster, consoles according to your lake life needs.



Appreciated by all, the PRO model is equipped with removable tubes, which makes storage and maintenance a breeze. The platform style deck offers a multitude of layout possibilities.


Whether you are diving, fishing, hunting, working or just for pleasure, you can customize the layout of your boat depending on your specific needs.



The PRO offers unparalleled customization and layout options with several combinations of colors, hulls, tubes, accessories, equipment and choice of driving position.


Zodiac Open 4.2


The Zodiac Open range is seen as the all terrain model of lake and bays as it is comfortable in any situation the Muskoka area can throw at you.

Zodiac’s range of small boats are designed for having fun while being both compact and practical! Known for being easy to store, drive, launch, and tow.



Zodiac Yachtline 360


Their compact size makes it easy to board and offload, while not compromising on seating. The design of the boarding steps also ensures maximum stability when getting on-board. The hull has Zodiac specific wings that were designed to perform with the most powerful four-stroke engines for its size. The design allows it to perform a multitude of activities on the water and is a perfect second to your main boat at the dock.

Zodiac eOpen


The first complete range with 100% electric engines, these new models are real technological feats and mark a new era for Torqeedo and Zodiac. Be the talk of the lake in Muskoka with one of these futuristic marvels.

With such a new style of boating there are few things the eOpen can’t do.  Expanding your ability to explore previously inaccessible places is made possible by the shallow draft. The electric engine adds flexible reactive piloting while being able to mountain one hour at maximum power. Not only is this boat totally silent (for the fishmen out there) it also spares the need for most routine maintenance and upkeep! Get yours now and be the talk of the town in Muskoka’s waterways.

Zodiac Tender


With its welded structure, this light tender offers a unique stability and an astonishing load capacity. With more than 20 models of tenders available, Zodiac and Gordon Bay Marine have got you covered!


Key Features:

Packed full of features the Tender range comes readily equipped with:
2,5mm ultra light Hull

Flat deck with underdeck fuel hose routing

Bow locker (possible to fit the fuel tank)

4 models : 300/330/360/390

Large tube diameter for a safe and dry ride

Complete equipment including seat bag and dry bag, integrated lifting points
Having all of these features while having over 20 different models in the range, there will always be a perfect Tender for you at your dock.