An ATV in the woods near Toronto Ontario

Safe Towing of Your ATV

May 06, 2020

Before you can tackle the trails on your four wheeler, you will need to transport it to the backwoods. Most quad models are too large to fit in your average pickup truck bed, so you will need a trailer to get them from point A to point B. It isn’t hard to tow a 4 wheeler, but you do need to thoroughly know the steps involved to do it safely. We created a guide below for safe towing of your quad. If your ATV needs any parts replacement or service before your next ride, bring it on by to Gordon Bay Marine. We are located near Muskoka and Toronto, Ontario.

Making a Game Plan

You are about to be transporting a large vehicle behind an even larger vehicle on high speed roads. This is not the time to “wing it” or learn as you go! You will want to thoroughly review every step and make sure you have a good grasp before you actually go through the process.

Start by checking your vehicle’s Gross Combined Weight Rating. This number tells you how much weight your tow vehicle can tow. Keep in mind the number includes the weight of any cargo or passengers.

Next, you will want to make the process as easy as possible. Work smarter, not harder! Find a spot on your property that flat and even. It will speed up the towing process.

Hook Up the Trailer

Before you try to load up your 4 wheeler, you will want to hook up your trailer. This will make the hitching and loading process much easier. Position the trailer tongue so that it sits right above the height of the ball hitch. Slowly back up your tow vehicle until the latch rests beneath the trailer tongue. Lower the tongue onto the ball joint. Make sure it is set securely. Cross the tow chains under the tongue in an “X” shape and hook them to the vehicle. This helps serve as a safeguard in case the trailer gets loose at any point. Now you are ready to load up your quad!

Load Your ATV Into the Trailer

Now that your trailer is hooked up to your tow vehicle, you are ready to load your four wheeler. Set up your ramp per the instructions in the owner’s manual. When it comes to driving your ATV up into the trailer, you are shooting for that sweet spot. You want enough power to get up the ramp, but not enough that you overshoot your target and hit the back.

Drive up to the ramp perfectly straight. Once you get your 4 wheeler inside, you will want to strap it down as securely as you can. Ratchet straps work well as they let you compress the suspension and reduce the amount of movement. Before you walk away, shake your four wheeler from all sides. If anything gives or wiggles too much, tighten your straps or add more straps.

Driving Safely While Towing an ATV

When towing a four wheeler, you will want to keep a few driving strategies in mind. Don’t exceed 60 miles per hour as most trailer tires aren’t built for handling high speeds. Leave plenty of space between you and other vehicles (since it will take you longer to brake). Give yourself plenty of space to take corners. It’s best if you can practice driving with your trailer and quad in a low-traffic neighborhood to practice turning, lane changes, and stops. This will give you the confidence and experience you need to drive safe on the highway.

For all your ATV needs, visit Gordon Bay Marine. Search for your new quad among our new and used inventory. Get your current vehicle running smooth with our parts replacement and service department. We proudly serve those near Muskoka and Toronto, Ontario.