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Looking for Adventure? The outdoors in Muskoka provide so many opportunities for exploration, team building and personal growth. The Muskoka Extreme Team is ready to guide you on an experience you will dream about for years to come.

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Wakesurfing has taken Muskoka by storm and our team of “Super Stoked Surfers” paired with our fleet of industry-leading surf boats means we are ready to show you how to do some of the best surf tricks out there. If you are just learning to surf we offer lessons to ALL AGES and ALL Skill Levels!


The Classic Muskoka Adventures of the past and present are rooted in the long heritage of Waterskiing in this amazing place. We encourage all ages to come out and expand your skills with our experienced instructors and boat drivers. WSWC Certified instructors will provide a nurturing experience both on the dock and in the water to help you or your family progress to the next skill level.



Experience Flying through the Air with our Licensed Flyboard Instructors, Whether you are a Beginner or Experienced Flyer we welcome you and your friends to hone your skills and enjoy the thrills of Hydro Flight. Follow the Book Now button at the top of the page to arrange your flight time.


New behind the wheel or just want to refine your skills, we have lessons available for all ages. Docking, Trailering, High-Speed Driving or Simply Navigating Muskoka, our team of experienced drivers will make you feel at home on the water.