Man fishing in Muskoka near Toronto Ontario

Top Fishing Accessories

May 05, 2020

As a fishing enthusiast, you spend extended time on the water compared to other boating activities. When you just want to go for a ride, you can zip around for 15 minutes. When you want to tow an innertube, an hour can suffice. But a solid fishing trip isn’t a quick cruise and park. You need to invest time to have any hopes of catching anything. This long amount of time on the water is greatly improved with fishing accessories. We gathered up our top fishing boat features below. Remember you can always visit Gordon Bay Marine for all your boating needs. We are located in Lake Joseph, Ontario.

Rod Holders

Rods are an essential part of fishing, but they can also become an inconvenience. Rod holders attach to the outside, inside, or top of your boat’s side railing. Place your rod inside it and it will stay securely in place. Use it to free up your hands so you can set another line. Take a break from holding the rod so you can eat lunch. Let your kids get a break from standing still holding the line. Improve the ease of your experience with rod holders.


Part of strategic fishing involves staking out the right location. Different types of fish prefer different depths of water. Some parts of the water are frequented by fish while others are empty spaces. Once you find that ideal location, you’ll want to stay there. Unfortunately, the water has different ideas. Water does not stay still, so within minutes you’ll be drifting away from your location.

Stay immobilized in your preferred spot with an anchor. Plop it down and you can cast away knowing you’ll stay in this location. It also helps if you experience motor issues. You can stay in the right spot while you wait for help to come.


You won’t always head out on the water in perfect conditions. Sometimes, the sun beats down with blistering rays. Other times, rain drizzles down. A t-top is a shelter that shields you from these annoyances. There are removable options (called soft t-tops) for those wanting more flexibility. Then there are permanent options (called hard t-tops) for those wanting the ease of installation. Some t-tops are compact while others can shelter multiple passengers underneath them. You can find the ideal option for your boat and needs.


It takes a lot of work to catch a fish. You don’t want to lose your fish because it wasn’t kept fresh enough. Letting a fish sit exposed while you continue fishing or drive back to shore is a recipe for a spoiled fish.

A livewell is a container designed to keep fish fresh. Simply throw in your catch and continue fishing or driving. When you arrive home, your fish will be guarded against spoiling. There are many sizes of livewells so you can find the ideal size for your expected catches and for your boat.

Depth Finders

Certain species of fish gravitate towards certain depths of water. Some fish hang out close to shore in hopes of avoiding predators. Other enjoy the murky depths down below. Unless the water is crystal clear and free of waves, it can be difficult gauging the depth of the water beneath your boat. Depth finders use technology to assist you in evaluating the depth of the water. This helps you scope out the ideal location to seek out your preferred type of fish.

We hope you found this list helpful! For all your boating needs, visit Gordon Bay Marine. Check out our wide selection of new and used inventory (and take your favorites on a test ride). We also operate a parts replacement and service department to upgrade our current vessel. We proudly serve those in Lake Joseph, Muskoka, and Toronto.